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Jo Tomalin

Emerging Afro Pinoy Choreographer “Ting” talks about Dance and Choreography

By December 15, 2023January 21st, 2024No Comments

Agpalo “Ting” A.J. Alvarez-Maquinta talks about his background as a multidisciplinary artist, his choreography and storytelling to Jo Tomalin in San Francisco.

image of Ting Alvarez

Photo by Aigerim Sharipova


image of Ting dancing

Ting Alvarez: Photo courtesy of Ting Alvarez

Kinatao, Section 3: Photo by Chani Bockwinkel

Listen to our Interview with Ting here (17 minutes):

More information about Ting and the MPWRD Artists collective:

Interview originally published in the UK based online journal: The Fringe Review