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Laurie Roldan Sings A Song For You

By Joseph Cillo No Comments

Hello Theatre Enthusiasts,

San Francisco’s 42nd Street Moon presents:

Laurie Roldan Sings A Song For You
A Cabaret Concert Inspired by the Music of Karen Carpenter
– A Tribute to Karen Carpenter – August 17 & 25

About the Concert:
Written and directed by Laurie Roldan, this cabaret concert features Laurie Roldan singing favorite hits by Karen Carpenter, accompanied by the talented musicians Brett Strader (piano), Michael Henning (drums), and Aaron Germain (bass). This concert is a heartwarming journey through well-known Carpenters songs, interwoven with personal stories and memories shared by Laurie. Guest vocalists and children’s ensemble will also join Laurie on stage, making this a family-friendly event filled with joy and inspiration.

Laurie Roldan thrives on singing to inspire others and feels this is her unique purpose in life. She has appeared as a soloist with symphony orchestras throughout California and performed lead roles at many Bay Area Theaters. Some favorite roles include The Narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Shellie Nominee), Percy in The Spitfire Grill (Shellie Nominee), Sarah in Guys and Dolls, Rose in The Secret Garden, and Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar. Laurie was also part of the Dean Goodman Award-winning cast of A Grand Night for Singing. She volunteers her performance annually for the Hospice of the East Bay’s “Tree of Lights” events throughout the Bay Area. Roldan recorded an inspirational album, Even That, to comfort those going through difficult times.

After an extensive foray into musical theater, cabaret, and inspirational music, Laurie realized her strongest inspiration growing up was Karen Carpenter. The lyrics to the songs the Carpenters sang told unique stories – many that identified with her life. As a result, Roldan has dedicated several years creating Laurie Roldan Sings A Song For You, a cabaret concert inspired by the music of Karen Carpenter.

The Gateway Theatre
215 Jackson St. (at Battery St.), San Francisco, CA 94111

General Admission: $49
Senior: $39
Student & Under 35: $39
Tickets can be purchased through the Box Office at 415-255-8207 (Tues. – Fri., 11:00 am – 5:00 pm) or online at 42nd Street Moon Tickets.

Social Media Links:

Video Clips:

Limited Engagement – 2 Shows Only!

  • Saturday, August 17, at 7:00 pm
  • Sunday, August 25, at 3:00 pm



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A Delightful Whodunit at Central Works

Patricia Milton’s latest creation, directed by the talented Kimberly Ridgeway, is a comedic gem that breathes fresh life into the murder mystery genre. The world premiere of Accused!, running from July 13 to August 11, provides an evening filled with laughter, intrigue, and unexpected twists.

The narrative kicks off with a bang as the Lady Detectives take on a new murder case, only to find themselves tangled in a web of anarchists and religious fanatics. The discovery of a body in the parlor of the Hunter Lodging House quickly escalates the stakes, with Victorian Lady Detective Katie Smalls becoming the prime suspect. The ensuing investigation is both thrilling and hilarious, showcasing Milton’s sharp wit and knack for crafting engaging mysteries.

Ridgeway’s direction keeps the pacing brisk and the tension high, ensuring that the audience is constantly engaged. The chemistry among the cast members is palpable, bringing to life the quirky and endearing characters of the Lady Detectives. Their camaraderie and clever banter are a highlight, making for an entertaining and immersive experience.

Acting Ensemble:

  • Chelsea Bearce as Katie Smalls
  • Alan Coyne as Lord Philip Ian Albert, Deacon Manley, & Henri Blancmange
  • Lauren Dunagan as Loveday Fortescue
  • Sindu Singh as Allison Tinglepenny & Inspector Mary Perkins
  • Jan Zvaifler as Valeria Hunter

Special mention must be made of Alan Coyne, so watchable when he is on stage. A master of his craft, Coyne stays in-role even when not in dialogue, captivating the audience with his nuanced performances and adding depth to every scene he is in. Bravo Alan!

The set design and period costumes are meticulously crafted, transporting viewers to the Victorian era with ease. Every detail, from the ornate furnishings to the detectives’ stylish attire, adds to the authenticity and charm of the production.

Despite the serious nature of the plot, Milton masterfully balances the darker elements with humor, resulting in a delightful and accessible play. The clever dialogue and unexpected comedic moments had the audience in stitches, providing a perfect counterbalance to the suspenseful storyline.

Accused! is a must-see for fans of murder mysteries and comedy alike. With limited availability on July 14, 21, and 28, securing tickets while you can is essential. This production is a testament to the talent and creativity of the Central Works Writers Workshop, and it is sure to leave you eagerly anticipating their next premiere.

In summary, Accused! is a thoroughly enjoyable and well-crafted play that promises an evening of laughter, suspense, and delightful performances. Don’t miss the chance to see this fun production!


The Prom

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Entertaining and Thought-Provoking

Sonoma Arts Live’s production of “The Prom” captivates and engages from start to finish, entertaining you while making you think. Directed by Jonathen Blue, with music direction by Dr. Christina Howell and produced by Jaime Love, this show cleverly blends humor, heart, and social commentary.

The story centers around four Broadway stars who, in an attempt to revitalize their reputations, rally behind a courageous high school girl, Emma, who faces discrimination for wanting to bring her girlfriend to the prom. The narrative seamlessly blends comedy, heartfelt moments, and social commentary, creating a show that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

The performances are excellent. Hannah Passanisi portrays Emma Nolan with depth and authenticity, delivering a moving portrayal of resilience and vulnerability. Pilar Gonzales, making her SAL debut, plays Alyssa Greene with warmth and charm. Julia Holsworth captures the strictness and complexity of Mrs. Greene, Alyssa’s mother, perfectly.

The Broadway stars are a particular delight to watch. Dani Beem delivers a powerful performance as the diva Dee Dee Allen, while Tim Setzer’s portrayal of the flamboyant Barry Glickman is both humorous and touching. Chelsea Smith and Jeremy Berrick, as Angie Dickinson and Trent Oliver respectively, bring great energy and charisma to their roles. Kudos to Tim Setzer and Chelsea Smith for their standout performances. The show comes alive in the second half when the Broadway stars get to show off, adding an extra layer of excitement and flair to the production.

The musical numbers are vibrant and captivating, with choreography that is both intricate and energetic. Songs like “Just Breathe” and “Unruly Heart” are standout moments, showcasing the cast’s vocal prowess and emotional range. The ensemble performances are equally impressive, contributing to the dynamic and engaging atmosphere of the production.

The set design and costumes add to the visual appeal, creating a colorful and immersive environment that transports the audience into the heart of the story. The attention to detail in the production design reflects the high standards of Sonoma Arts Live, enhancing the overall experience.

Beyond its entertainment value, “The Prom” delivers a powerful message about acceptance, love, and the importance of standing up for one’s rights. It addresses issues of homophobia and bigotry with sensitivity and nuance, encouraging the audience to reflect on these important social themes.

Sonoma Arts Live’s “The Prom” is a go-see production that combines humor, heart, and a powerful message in a brilliantly executed show. It is a testament to the talent and dedication of the cast and crew, and is highly recommended to anyone looking for a memorable and impactful theater experience.

‘Noises Off’

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Theater Review of ‘Noises Off’ at Novato Theater Company
   by Mitchell Field
   a member of the
   San Francisco Bay Area Theater Critics Circle…
I broke a New Year’s resolution last week.
I went to see a show which I have seen before, something which I had resolved not to do, reasoning that there are so many new shows to see, as well as older ones which I have never seen.
In fact, I had twice before seen this particular show, Novato Theater Company’s (NTC) production of the now 90 year-old British dramatist Michael Frayne’s ‘Noises Off’, which The New York Times critic Frank Rich claimed ‘is, was, and probably always will be, the funniest play written in my lifetime’.
‘Noises Off ‘ premiered on Broadway in 1983 and it’s slapstick, door-slamming buffoonery has been a staple of both professional and community theaters ever since.
The lure of one theater’s funniest and most irreverent farces, coupled with the directorial talents of Bay Area stage favorite Carl Jordan, winner of numerous ‘Best Director’ awards from the San Francisco Bay Area Theater Critics Circle (SFBATCC), made me reconsider and Jordan and his NTC team didn’t disappoint.
Frayne’s clever set-up is a three-act farce, a play-within-a-play, which features a seedy theater company rehearsing a cheesy sex-comedy, seen first from the audience’s perspective, the subsequent out-of-town performance from backstage in Act II, then from the audience’s perspective again in Act III. 
Using theater set-design wizardry on NTC’s wide but shallow stage, Marin’s Michael Walraven creates a marvelous revolving affair, which facilitates perfectly the Monty Python-like nincompoopery of the piece.
Jordan’s evenly-balanced cast features Marin stage favorite Heather Shepardson, NTC newcomers Jeffrey Biddle, Diego Hardy, Mike Pavone and Melody Payne, all well-supported by locals Sky Collins, Jane Harrington and Rachel Kaiulani-Kennely and the perennially solid Wood Lockhart, as the doddering Selsdon, a veteran actor with a drinking problem and the show is skillfully lit by SFBATCC award-winning Frank Sarubbi, his 48th assignment for NTC.
Novato Theater Company, like many theater companies around the country are rebuilding post-pandemic and were recently the recipients of four SFBATCC awards for their production of ‘Addams Family’. ‘Noises Off’ has already been awarded a ‘GO SEE’ nomination from the SFBATCC.
‘Noises Off’, which runs through July 14 2024 is a laugh-out-loud affair, ‘guaranteed to delight’ both first-timers and those familiar with the show.
What:     ‘Noises Off’
Where:   Novato Theater Company,  5420 Nave Drive, Novato, CA. 94949
When:    Through July 14 2024     
               Fri & Sat at 7.30 Sundays at 2 pm                           
              (additional performance Thurs. July 11 at 7.30)
Why:       For the laughs and to support local theater.


By Joseph Cillo

A Riveting Revival: San Francisco Playhouse’s “Evita”

The San Francisco Playhouse has outdone itself with its latest production, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s “Evita.” Running through September 7, 2024, this show is one of the highlights of the 2024 season. With a stellar cast and exceptional production team, “Evita” delivers a powerful and poignant portrayal of Eva Perón’s rise to power, capturing the essence of her journey from a poor child to the First Lady of Argentina.

Stellar Performances

Sophia Alawi shines as Eva Perón, bringing fiery passion and depth to the role. Her transformation from an ambitious actress to the most powerful woman in Latin America is portrayed with an intensity that grips the audience from start to finish. Alawi’s ability to convey Eva’s complex emotions, from her vulnerability to her commanding presence, is a testament to her exceptional talent. Her previous accolades, including the San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle award for Best Featured Actress, are well deserved, and her performance in “Evita” is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Alex Rodriguez, returning to the Playhouse as the political activist Che, provides a compelling counterpoint to Alawi’s Eva. Rodriguez’s portrayal is charismatic and layered, embodying the voice of the people and offering a critical perspective on Eva’s actions. His dynamic stage presence and powerful vocals make him a standout in every scene.

Peter Gregus, making his Playhouse debut as Juan Perón, delivers a skillful performance, portraying the military leader-turned-president with depth and gravitas. Gregus brings a dignified and measured approach to the role, highlighting Juan’s political ambitions and his complex relationship with Eva. His experience on Broadway, particularly in “Jersey Boys,” is evident in his polished and commanding performance.

Jurä Davis returns as Agustin Magaldi, Eva’s first love, and his portrayal adds another layer to Eva’s early life. Davis brings charm and a touch of melancholy to the role, effectively illustrating the fleeting and tumultuous nature of Eva’s early relationships. Chanel Tilghman, making her Playhouse debut as Perón’s Mistress, also delivers a memorable performance. Her character’s vulnerability and sorrow are beautifully captured, adding depth to the narrative.

The ensemble cast, including Malia Abayon, Christine M. Capsuto-Shulman, Chachi Delgado, Gabriella Goldstein, César Lino, Dian Sitip Meechai, Deanalís Arocho Resto, River Bermudez Sanders, and Nicholas Tabora, provides strong support, bringing vibrancy and energy to the musical numbers. Their collective talent ensures that every scene is dynamic and engaging.

Exceptional Direction and Choreography

Bill English’s direction is both innovative and respectful of the classic musical’s roots. His vision brings out the raw emotions and political undercurrents of the story, making it resonate with contemporary audiences. English’s ability to balance the grand spectacle of the musical with intimate, character-driven moments is particularly impressive. His direction ensures that the audience is constantly engaged, whether through the sweeping musical numbers or the poignant, quieter scenes.

The musical direction by Dave Dobrusky ensures that Webber’s iconic score is performed with precision and passion. Dobrusky’s work with the cast and orchestra brings out the best in the music, highlighting the emotional depth and complexity of Webber’s compositions. The music is a driving force in the production, and Dobrusky’s direction ensures that it is both powerful and poignant.

Nicole Helfer’s choreography is a visual delight, adding dynamism and energy to every scene. Her dance numbers are both intricate and expressive, capturing the spirit of the era and the characters’ emotions. Helfer’s choreography seamlessly integrates with the narrative, enhancing the storytelling and adding an extra layer of engagement for the audience.

Impressive Production Values

The production values are top-notch, with scenic design by Heather Kenyon and lighting design by Michael Oesch creating a vivid and immersive atmosphere. Kenyon’s sets are both grand and detailed, effectively transporting the audience to 1940s Argentina. Oesch’s lighting design complements the sets beautifully, using light and shadow to enhance the mood and drama of each scene.

Abra Berman’s costume design faithfully recreates the fashion of the era, adding authenticity to the portrayal of 1940s Argentina. The costumes are both glamorous and historically accurate, reflecting Eva’s transformation from a humble beginning to a figure of immense power and influence. Berman’s attention to detail is evident in every outfit, contributing to the overall visual richness of the production.

The sound design by James Ard and projections by Sarah Phykkit enhance the storytelling, making the audience feel as if they are part of Eva’s tumultuous journey. Ard’s sound design ensures that every note and word is heard clearly, adding to the emotional impact of the performance. Phykkit’s projections add a modern touch to the production, providing context and enhancing the visual storytelling.

The additional contributions of Blue Hephaestus in properties design, Laundra Tyme in wig design, Adam Elder in live cam consultation, Dave Maier in fight choreography, Juan Rebuffo in dramaturgy and cultural consultation, and Marcelo Solis in tango consultation further elevate the production, showcasing a collaborative effort that brings every element of the show to life. Alicia Lerner and Jo Davita Ortiz’s stage management ensures that the production runs smoothly, allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

A Must-See Production

“Evita” at the San Francisco Playhouse is a must-see for theater enthusiasts and newcomers alike. The combination of outstanding performances, expert direction, and high production values make this show a standout. Tickets are reasonably priced from $30 to $125, making it accessible for a wide audience. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit or call the box office at 415-677-9596.

San Francisco Playhouse continues to be a beacon of high-quality theater in the Bay Area, and “Evita” is a testament to their commitment to producing compelling and relevant works. The Playhouse’s mission to create an “empathy gym” is fully realized in this production, as it challenges audiences to understand and empathize with the characters’ journeys and struggles.

Don’t miss your chance to experience this audacious and fascinating musical. “Evita” is more than just a retelling of Eva Perón’s life; it’s a powerful exploration of ambition, politics, and the human spirit, brought to life by a team of talented artists dedicated to delivering a truly unforgettable theatrical experience.

Much Ado About Nothing

By Joseph Cillo

Much Ado About Nothing Shines at Marin Shakespeare Company

Marin Shakespeare Company’s latest production of Much Ado About Nothing is a delightful triumph, blending Shakespeare’s wit with a refreshing contemporary twist. Set in a charmingly rustic dive shop and bar, this adaptation brings the classic comedy to life with vibrant energy and humor.

Plot Summary
In this adaptation, the story unfolds in the Florida Keys, where Leonato, his wife Innogen, their daughter Hero, and her cousin Beatrice live. Their peaceful existence is interrupted by the arrival of Don Pedro and his soldiers, including the young and earnest Claudio, who falls in love with Hero, and the witty bachelor Benedick, who enjoys trading barbs with Beatrice.

To celebrate the end of the war, Leonato hosts a masked ball where Claudio and Hero become engaged. However, Don Pedro’s spiteful sister, Don Joan, devises a scheme to ruin their happiness by convincing Claudio that Hero has been unfaithful. Misled by Don Joan’s deceit, Claudio denounces Hero at the altar, leading to a series of dramatic and comedic events.

Meanwhile, friends of Benedick and Beatrice conspire to make the bickering duo realize their love for each other. Through a series of overheard conversations and misunderstandings, both couples are eventually reunited. The truth about Hero’s innocence is revealed, thanks to the bumbling constable Dogberry, who uncovers Don Joan’s plot. The play concludes with a celebration, highlighting the triumph of love and forgiveness.

Director Domenique Lozano’s insightful approach highlights the play’s rich tapestry of themes, from puppy love and virtuosic verbal sparring to the deeper undercurrents of betrayal and restorative justice. The play cleverly incorporates modern elements such as technology and deep fakes, making it resonate with contemporary audiences.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

One of the charms of Marin Shakespeare Company is its enchanting outdoor setting. Performing under the open sky adds a unique and magical dimension to the experience, allowing the audience to connect more deeply with the performance while enjoying the natural beauty of the surroundings. The serene environment, with the gentle rustling of leaves and the evening breeze, enhances the storytelling, making each performance a memorable event.

The cast is exceptional. Bridgette Loriaux as Beatrice commands the stage with sharp wit and playful banter, perfectly paired with Johnny Moreno’s charming Benedick. Their chemistry electrifies the audience, drawing everyone into their “merry war” of words.

Each character adds depth, from Stevie DeMott’s scheming Don Joan to Tai White’s endearing Claudio. The group dynamic captures the essence of the play.

Lozano skillfully balances humor and heart, making timeless themes feel fresh and relatable. The innovative set, designed by Nina Ball, complete with a sea-worn facade and lively bar area, provides a perfect backdrop for the unfolding drama. Christian Mejia’s lighting and Ben Euphrat’s sound design further enhance the ambiance, while Rebecca Valentino’s costumes add authenticity and flair. Choreographer Bridgette Loriaux, Fight Director Dave Maier, and Intimacy Director Cindy Goldfield contribute significantly to the dynamic physicality and emotional depth of the performance.

Overall, this production is a joyous celebration of love, wit, and the complexities of human relationships. Marin Shakespeare Company once again proves its prowess in delivering Shakespearean classics with a modern twist, leaving the audience thoroughly entertained.

Don’t miss this enchanting performance at Marin Shakespeare Company, running from through July 28. It’s a theatrical experience that promises laughter, reflection, and a renewed appreciation for the Bard’s genius.

Noises Off–Now through July 14

By Flora Lynn Isaacson

Melody Payne and Diego Hardy perform in Noises Off at Novato Theater Company. Photo by Jere Torkelsen.

Novato Theater Company presents Michael Frayn’s Noises Off on stage now through July 14. Carl Jordan’s fine direction, Michael Walraven’s magnificent set and the cast’s extraordinary talent make this a memorable, laugh out loud show–not to be missed!

Forty-two years ago the play premiered in London’s West End. According to The Observer, Frayn got the idea for the story when he was backstage watching Lynn Redgrave perform in a one-act play he wrote. He thought the show was actually funnier to watch from behind the stage and decided to create a farce where the audience can see what’s going on both in front of, and behind, the set. Later he admitted that staging both perspectives proved “fiendishly difficult.” The answer, of course, is a revolving set, which NTC Set Designer Michael Walraven has built with incredible skill, talent and creativity. Not only does the set revolve, but it has multiple doors, windows, stairs, British props and furniture—all central to the physical comedy.

As Act One begins, a theatrical company rehearses for their upcoming show called Nothing On–a farce. They are unprepared, missing lines and cues, mixing up their stage places and frustrating the play’s director Lloyd (Mike Pavone). Lloyd is involved with the assistant stage manager, Poppy (Rachel Kaiulani-Kennealy) but also with the dim-witted American actress, Brooke (Melody Payne) forming a love triangle. The stage manager Tim (Sky Collins) tries hopelessly to help Lloyd keep the show on track.

Because this is a “play within a play,” the cast performs dual roles–as actors in the theatrical company and their respective characters in the group’s upcoming play.

Jeffrey Biddle plays the actor Freddie whose character Philip flees to Spain to escape from the taxman at “Inland Revenue.”  Jane Harrington plays the actress Belinda whose character Flavia is Philip’s wife.

Heather Shepardson performs as both Dotty (an actress in the company) and Philip’s and Flavia’s Cockney housekeeper, Mrs. Clackett.

Diego Hardy plays the company’s lead actor Garry and his character Roger, a real estate agent interested in Philip’s and Flavia’s unoccupied home. Payne (along with her portrayal of actress Brooke) plays Vicki, who accompanies Roger to see the property.

Wood Lockhart is hilarious as the fumbling actor Selsdon playing a burglar trying to break into Philip’s home. Biddle plays a third character, a sheikh who wants to rent the house.

The cast members show incredible range playing multiple roles. Their comedic timing and great energy keep the audience amused from start to finish. There is plenty of silliness, buffoonery and horseplay in this farce–the usual slamming doors,  character’s tripping over each other, glass breaking and pants falling down–but also some unusual situations where a character kisses a cactus and a plate of sardines becomes an obsession.

Adding much to the production are perfectly timed sound effects and lighting thanks to Bruce Vieira and Frank Sarubbi. Kudos also to Kristy Arroyo (Set Painting), Walt Rugani (Set Carpenter) and Kate Leland (Costume Design).

Special thanks to Producer Electric Bill Weinberg and NTC President Marilyn Izdebski for bringing this show to production–and, with it, bringing much needed laughter into our lives.



Noises Off

By Joseph Cillo

A Hilarious Night at the Novato Theater Company

I had the pleasure of attending the Novato Theater Company’s production of “Noises Off,” and it was one of the most delightful theatrical experiences I’ve had in some time. Directed by Carl Jordan, this production beautifully captures the essence of Michael Frayn’s celebrated farce, delivering an evening filled with laughter and impressive comedic timing.

The storyline of “Noises Off” revolves around a group of dysfunctional actors attempting to stage a play called “Nothing’s On.” As the rehearsal progresses, chaos ensues both onstage and off, leading to a series of hysterical mishaps involving slamming doors, falling trousers, and misplaced sardines. This “play within a play” format allows the audience to witness the behind-the-scenes antics of the cast and crew, providing a unique and side-splitting perspective on the complexities of theater production.

Heather Shepardson, in the role of Dotty/Mrs. Clackett, delivers a standout performance, masterfully juggling her dual characters with a perfect blend of charm and confusion. Mike Pavone’s portrayal of Lloyd, the volatile director, is both commanding and comically exasperated, capturing the essence of a man on the brink of a nervous breakdown as he tries to keep the production afloat.

The Cast

Diego Hardy as Gary/Roger brings dynamic energy to the stage, and Rachel Ka’iulani-Kennealy (Poppy), Jeffrey Biddle (Frederick/Philip), and Jane Harrington (Belinda/Flavia) each add their own unique flair to the ensemble, creating a well-rounded and engaging cast. However, Melody Payne’s performance as Brooke/Vicki deserves special mention. Payne was absolutely fabulous, her physical comedy and impeccable timing contributing significantly to the evening’s hilarity and making her a standout in an already exceptional cast.

Diego & Melody

One of the most entertaining recurring bits in the play involves sardines, which are mined relentlessly for comedic effect. The constant appearance and disappearance of sardines, coupled with the actors’ increasing frustration and confusion, adds an extra layer of absurdity and hilarity to the production. This running gag is a perfect example of how “Noises Off” excels at using simple props to generate complex laughter.The technical aspects of the show are equally impressive. The set design by Michael Walraven, featuring a revolving set, is a brilliant solution that allows for seamless transitions between the onstage and backstage chaos. This ingenious design adds a dynamic and engaging element to the production, enhancing the overall experience. Frank P. Sarubbi’s lighting design and the sound design by Bruce Vieira & Sound Logic, Inc. further enhance the overall production, creating an immersive and polished theatrical experience.

Special mention must be made of the crew’s efforts, with Maureen Scheuenstahl’s stage management ensuring that the complex and fast-paced nature of the play runs smoothly. The costume design by Kate Leland and Mary Weinberg perfectly captures the farcical nature of the characters, adding another layer of visual comedy to the production.

In addition to the stellar performances and technical execution, the Novato Theater Company should be commended for fostering a welcoming and engaging atmosphere. The dedication of the volunteers and the professionalism of the production team make attending their shows a truly enjoyable experience.

The Novato Theater Company’s “Noises Off” runs from June 21 to July 14, 2024, with performances on Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm, and Sundays at 2:00 pm. An additional performance is scheduled for Thursday, July 11 at 7:30 pm. Tickets can be purchased online through the Novato Theater Company’s website at Novato Theater Company. Don’t miss the chance to see this hilarious and brilliantly executed production.

G0 See
The Novato Theater Company’s “Noises Off” is a must-see production that delivers non-stop laughter and brilliant performances. It is a testament to the skill and dedication of everyone involved, and I highly recommend catching one of the remaining performances if you can. Bravo to the entire cast and crew for a night of unforgettable comedy!