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Flora Lynn Isaacson

Dragon Lady–Magnificent!

By December 21, 2023No Comments

Sara Porkalob was given a standing ovation last weekend at Marin Theatre Company following her amazing one-woman musical show Dragon Lady.  Porkalob’s energy and talent as a writer and performer is a joy to behold. She knows how to take the stage, sings like a superstar and acts with depth and emotion.

Like a gifted mimic, she changes her voice, accent, tone and mannerisms bringing multi-generational characters from her Filipino family to life. Kudo’s to Andrew Russell for his outstanding direction, Pete Irving for his beautiful original music and the live band Hot Damn Scandal (Irving, Mickey Stylin and Jimmy Austin) for never missing a beat.

The set is spectacular thanks to Randy Wong-Westbrooke (Scenic Design), Kahlil Gray (Carpenter) and Joshua Patterson (Painter).  A huge dragon tail frames the stage and set of the Red Dragon nightclub. The club’s seating areas are upholstered in rich, red silk and velvet. Eerie lighting (Spense Matubang), a smoky mist and a jukebox that plays itself create a surreal mood.

The creativity and talent from all of those involved in this production is truly inspiring, especially Porkalob who bravely takes on the subject of generational trauma and bares every emotion. Even after the show, she shed a few tears on stage and her belief that “it is never too late to atone for the pain we inflict on the ones we love most and to forgive ourselves for past regrets.”

Coming up next at Marin Theatre Company is Bees and Honey, a new play by Guadalis Del Carmen, February 15 to March 10, 2024.