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Flora Lynn Isaacson

Bees and Honey–Well Done!

By February 22, 2024No Comments

Marin Theatre Company presents the West Coast Premiere of Bees and Honey, a new play by Guadalis Del Carmen on stage now through March 10.

In an interview with the Theatre Times Del Carmen explains the play is “about love…we’re taught that love is this perfect and beautiful thing that can magically fix everything, but everyone leaves out the part about love being hard work. To see two people of color (specifically Afro-Latinx) on stage having a real and raw relationship is rare.”  Karina Gutierrez’ excellent direction and the extraordinary talent of Jorge Lendeborg Jr. (Manuel) and Katherine George (Johaira) bring Del Carmen’s powerful love story to life.

As the play begins, Juan Luis Guerra’s bachata song, “Como Abeja al Panal” plays in the background while Manuel and Johaira talk about the thrill of dancing to bachata music (popular in their shared Dominican culture). They reminisce about how they met before they got married and their first dance together. The lights dim and the music gets louder as they begin dancing in complete sync with one another. Their movements are rhythmic, sensual, intense and demonstrate the strong connection and passion they feel for each other.

But the spell is broken as the lights go up and the next scene takes us inside the couple’ small apartment.  As the story develops, their individual differences, work challenges, family conflicts, gender roles and sexuality all come into play illustrating how even the most loving relationships can be difficult.

The play requires both actors to express a broad range of emotions. Lendeborg Jr.’s acting is especially impressive when portraying his character’s vulnerabilities. George exeplifies her character’s ambivalence, frustration and sorrow.  Their performances are authentic, heartfelt and deeply moving.

Carlos Antonio Aceves (Scenic Design), Jeunee Simon (Intimacy Coordinator), Mark Ellis (Dance Consultant) and Kate Boyd (Lighting Design) all deserve special recognition for their contribution to this incredible show. In fact, all of the creative team and show staff makes it a memorable experience–not to be missed!

Coming up next at Marin Theatre Company is Harvey Fierstein’s Torch Song, directed by Richard Mosqueda, May 9-June 2.