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Marin Musical Theater Company and Novato Theater Company Present

By Jonathan Larson

The production of RENT as performed on March 20, 2022, was positively stellar!
                                                         It is simply not to be missed!

With the book, music, and lyrics written by Jonathan Larson, this marvelous production was Directed by Jenny Boynton with Music Directed by Daniel Savio and Choreography by Katie Wickes. —

Loosely based on the opera La Boheme by Giacomo Puccini, RENT follows the lives of young artists struggling to survive, maintain inter-relationships, and succeed artistically in New York’s lower East Side during the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Kudos go to the entire Cast and Ensemble, Musicians, Costumes, Set Design, and Lighting:
Cast: Roger (Nelson Brown); Mimi (Trixie Aballa); Mark (Jake Gale); Tom (Gary Stanford, Jr.); Maureen (Shayla Lawford); Benjamin (Arup Chakrabarti); Joanne (Anna Vorperian); and Angel (Stephen Kanaski)

Ensemble: Jenny Boynton, John Diaz, Amy Dietz, Michael Hunter, Jesse Lumb, Jamari McGee,   Alexandra Rosen, Michael Lister, Gwen Tessman; Malik-Charles Wade, and Katie Wickes

Musicians provided essential and outstanding backup to the Ensemble. They included
Daniel Savio, keyboards; Isaac Carter, guitars; William Durkee, bass; and Dean Cook on drums.

Lighting: perfectly designed by Marilyn Izbebski
were perfectly designed and created by Michele Sanner.
Set Design
was fabulous as organized by Katie Wickes and Jenny Boynton.
Stage Management
was superb by Jennifer Daine.

Through April 10, 2022, RENT can be enjoyed at NTC (5420 Nave Drive, Novato) on
Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm, and Sundays at 2:00p. Tickets can be purchased online at or at the door.

Reviewed by
Flora Lynn Isaacson, SFBA Theater Critics Circle and
Elle Alexa Simon, Literary Author