ForAllEvents is an online magazine about choices for a more personally satisfying and fulfilling lifestyle - new and interesting events, destinations, travel, cuisine, beverages, culture and products.
Our typical viewers have discretionary time, wealth, consumption. They:
- can do whatever they wish
- are educated, experienced (sophisticated?), traveled, adventurous, curious
- are interested in new, novel, unusual, satisfying -- above all, quality
Editor in Chief

Joseph Cillo

Creative & Photo Editor

Mary Buttaro
Travel & Cuisine Editor

Catherine Valentine
Recreation Events Editor

Patrick Valentine
Foodie Editor
Tom Luther
Cultural Editor
Mavin Howley
Regional Events Editor
Carolyn Checkley
New York
David Buttaro
New Zealand
Christina Howley
Harold Delinsky
Los Angeles
Scot Nery
Susanne Wilder
Web Staff
Joseph Cillo -- Publisher
Mary Buttaro -- Creative and Photo Editor
Patrick Valentine -- Technical Advisor
Selected Publicists
Kim Taylor
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